31 Bits // Empowering Women

This incredible company was started by five juniors in college: Kallie Dovel, Alli Swanson, Anna Toy, Brooke Hodges, and Jessie Simonson.

In the midst of making plans for her future, one of the girls made a life-changing trip to Uganda. She met women her own age who had no education or job. But they were incredibly skillful and could make the most beautiful, handmade jewelry.

After this one trip, everything changed in the lives of these five college students. They selected six Ugandan women to begin with their company with. They made jewelry together, learned about their lives, and even met their families. This was just the start of 31 Bits.

Dovel stayed an extra year in Uganda setting up the organization, while also helping with the creative side of the company. The girls did everything they could do learn about the business side of the company, whether it was fashion, marketing, or development work. They sold the jewelry anywhere people would buy it and told their story to anyone who’d listen.

After an immense amount of hard work, 31 Bits is now sold in over 300 stores. Over 120 women have been through the company’s five-year holistic development program where they receive health education, finance training, counseling, and business training. SO COOL, right?!

Now, let’s talk about the jewelry. Did we mention it’s made from recycled paper? Yep, PAPER! They sell beautiful statement and dainty necklaces, chunky bracelets, and even have the most adorable range of kids jewelry too.

Sooooo, what are you waiting for?! Come pick up a piece of 31 Bits jewelry and share the story of these beautiful, inspiring Ugandan women.



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