Rooted Beauty // A Q&A With Co-Founder Kim Garrett

Q: How would you describe Rooted Beauty in three words?

Kim Garrett: Mindful. Authentic. Lively. 


Q: What made you want to start Rooted Beauty in the first place?

KG: A passion, driven by my Faith, to engage the Beauty Industry's billion dollar revenue streams to create a resource redistribution channel that ultimately enables oppressed women around the world to escape cycles of extreme bondage


Q: What's been the biggest blessing or reward giving back? Any cool stories to share?

KG: Some of the women we've worked with were suicidal when we were connected to them. It is such a joy to know that we were able to prevent these precious women from taking their lives or living with an ongoing sense of hopelessness. Through the sale of our products, we have been able to give these women vocational training, recovery counseling and ultimately hope for a brighter future!

Stories of impact can be viewed here:


Q: What is your current favorite product that you sell? 

KG: Raspberry Citrus Invigorating Facial Wipes! Great for on the go and Green Coffee Antioxidants help purify skin and get rid of dead skin cells as well as toxins and impurities.

Twitter + Instagram: @RootedBeautyCo