Rooted Beauty // Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

Lip butters, moisturizers, and face scrubs.

Just a few of the things we love from this company, and major necessities for this dry, winter weather.

 Rooted Beauty prides themselves in making high-quality, all-natural skincare products with ingredients that you recognize. Green Coffee Antioxidants, Thanaka Root, and Goji Berries, paired with botanical and fruit extracts, allows each product to calm and protect, clear and cool, or energize the skin. Even the packaging is eco-friendly. (Double whammy!)

 On top of being an amazing, affordable, organic skincare line, Rooted Beauty is making an impact on women all around the world.

 With each purchase, a woman is able to receive counseling and escape poverty and trafficking. Rooted Beauty uses Woman2Woman to raise funds for women in need. These Woman2Woman projects allow women to become self-sufficient, with organizations working close by to “ensure long-term stability and freedom.”

 Rooted Beauty partners with Starfish Project, Daughters of Cambodia, Harvest Bridge, NightLight, and Women At Risk, International with the same goal of positively impacting and changing the lives of women who have been involved in human trafficking.

 For each individual product purchased, you can see who is personally impacted, whether it be Sonya, Fiona, Rumi, or another well-deserving woman. Once a project is fully funded, Rooted Beauty sponsors a new woman, and the cycle continues.

 We are so encouraged by the difference that Rooted Beauty is making and hope you are too. Pick up some products to avoid having dry skin, and do some good. It’s a win-win for everyone.