Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

Happy February! Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You can’t go to any grocery or convenience store without seeing tons of pink, chocolate, and teddy bears.

We want to celebrate with you the best way we know how: sharing different brands we carry that are making a difference in the name of love. These brands are rescuing and helping women out of sex slavery, allowing them to become self-sufficient and create a new life for themselves.

Whether it’s in our own neighborhoods, or across the world in India, these brands are showing women that love makes the world go ‘round.



The Tote Project

Aside from the incredibly adorable totes and pouches that The Tote Project sell, we love and support them because of their important message: #HoldOnToHope.

The Tote Project was created by two friends, Michelle Fergason and Fay Grant, with a “shared passion for empowerment, for restoration, [and] for freedom.” They have a shared dream to provide hope for victims of modern day slavery, and through The Tote Project they’re able to do so.

Each of the girls became a part of the movement to end human trafficking in different ways.

Grant chose to use her trials and traumatic circumstances to “bring more light into the world.” Fergason joined after watching Call + Response, which provides firsthand accounts on the 21st century slave trade industry. The documentary left her brokenhearted, but also with a desire to make a difference.

Together, she and Grant, best friends, seek to invest in the future of survivors and provide them with hope.

The pouches and totes are handmade by rescued victims of trafficking on 100% organic cotton canvas. Simple words such as “free to learn” and “free to dance,” paired with beautiful artwork are just a few examples of the designs on the pouches and totes.

Proceeds from purchases go to Two Wings, a non-profit organization that mentors at risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking.

To learn more about The Tote Project and why we love them, check out their website linked below. And of course stop by our store in Downtown Fullerton (and coming soon in Long Beach!) to pick up some goodies.