Pickles With a Purpose // The Cutest Do-Gooder Story

Get your tissues ready. Pickles With a Purpose has such a touching story it might make you shed a tear (or a hundred). 

At the young age of nine years old, Luke Holm founded Pickles With a Purpose. It all started when Holm met his friend, Tim, while helping at his mom’s work. Holm found out that his friend Tim was homeless and knew he was called to help.

Holm began selling his grandmother’s secret sweet and spicy pickles to raise money to build Tim, and others, a home. *CUE THE TEARS*

“I am not doing this to show how nice I am, but to encourage others to do amazing things… It is to change a person with a bad life to a good life and change a person with a good life to a better life,” says nine-year-old Holm. 

Holm even caught the attention of Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson. She was moved by his generosity and willingness to help at such a young age – so much so that she decided to match the initial donations given to Pickles With a Purpose.

“Next time you see flowers on a table, stop and take a minute to realize some people don’t have a table to put flowers on that they find in a grassy field. Some don’t have a porch to sit on to look at the beauty around them. So today you can help out in someone’s life,” says Holm.

How can you not love and want to help Holm buy his friend Tim a house?! Stop by our Fullerton location to pick up your own jar of pickles and show your support.