Damn Handsome Grooming Co // Recycling With a Reason

So, a lot of the items we carry in our store are geared toward women. Well, that was until Damn Handsome Grooming Co came around.

“At Damn Handsome we value what’s useful, what is classic, well-made, hardworking and long-lasting." 

Jarrett and Bridget, the husband and wife team behind the company, got to know many of the brewers in the craft beer community in Michigan. After becoming more and more familiar with the craft brewing process, they learned that about 90% of the healthy ingredients were being wasted. Simultaneously, they recognized that men had very few, if any, natural grooming products to use.

Now, Damn Handsome Grooming Co partners with craft breweries and turns their brewed ingredients into usable, healthy grooming products. Even the labels on the products are made from recycled paper and soap refills and candles are made from recycled beer bottles. (#TeamRecycle)

In addition, for every purchase, they donate soap to those in need.

“…Behind every purchase is an action that gives and doesn’t take… At the end of the day, I think that’s something we can all raise a glass to.” 

And we definitely agree. Cheers to you, Damn Handsome Co!



Twitter: @Damn_Handsome

Instagram: @DamnHandsomeGroomingCo