The Charity Wrap // A Q&A With Dora Molina

Soooo, we have something a little different and fun for today. We have a Q&A to share that we did with Dora Molina, the founder of The Charity Wrap. 

The Charity Wrap has an awesome line of jewelry, ponchos, blankets and scarves that ALL give back. For each item purchased, 20% benefits a non-profit in the community, such as Save the Children and The Mobile Closet.

Keep reading if you want to learn how The Charity Wrap began, how Dora chooses which charities to donate to, and her current favorite item she sells! 


Q: How did The Charity Wrap start?

Dora Molina: The Charity Wrap started with the simple need to give back. I worked a full-time job as a store manager for a multi-million dollar retail chain store and I didn’t really see the impact that my life was making on a day-to-day basis. I wasn’t leaving behind any footprints and I definitely wasn’t out there changing anything for the better. I was just another employee working for a company that also wasn’t making a difference with their influence. I wanted to be part of the positive change in my community, so in the spring of 2014, The Charity Wrap was born!


Q: What made you want to donate proceeds to local charities and how did you choose which to donate to? 

DM: From the very beginning (what I call the “Dreaming Phase”) I knew that if I was going to start a business, it HAD to incorporate a give back mission. I wanted to include five different non-profits so that customers can choose one cause of their liking. Everyone has a cause that's dear to his or her heart, so I wanted to include as many as I could.


Q: What’s been the biggest blessing or reward giving back? Any cool stories to share? 

DM: Every year for Back to School season, we raise money to buy backpacks for underprivileged kids in El Salvador. It’s absolutely amazing seeing the faces of these kids picking up their backpack full of school supplies and being excited to use them! Things that we think of as “simple school supplies” like a backpack or pencils, is something that isn’t necessarily in the budget for these families. So the absolute coolest thing ever is receiving Thank You cards from these kids that they colored and drew themselves, or a class video with all of them wearing their backpacks!

Q: What is your current favorite item that you sell?

DM: That’s a tough one! But I’m going with the Falsa Beach Blankets! I love how colorful they are and you could use them ANYWHERE! They are hand loomed in El Salvador and help provide fair wages and full time jobs to the artisan community we work with. In the U.S., 20% is donated to non-profits that fight against domestic violence. They give back double!

Twitter + Instagram: @TheCharityWrap