Bridal Yard Sale

Thanks so much for being interested in participating at our Bridal Yard Sale that is helping to support a home for survivors of human trafficking in Orange County.

We'll take anything! But please try to give us items that you think someone else would want to use at their wedding. Broken & stained items probably won't sell. For the items that do not sell that day, we will donate and dropped off items to the Salvation Army and also to a group that hosts a quinceanera for girls in North Orange County that live in foster care or in a shelter for survivors of domestic abuse. It's a beautiful event that happens each year in Fullerton.

If you'd like to be a part of this there are two ways to participate.

1. If you're ok with not making any money back, just drop off the items at either Share & Do Good by Thursday October 13th. (locations & hours) You'll also get a 20% discount in the shop on the day you drop off. Just a small way for us to say thank you for helping to make the world a better place alongside us.  We will sell the items for you and will donate the money to a home in Orange County that houses survivors of sex trafficking and has a program for them to get back on their feet. We have a great relationship with this program and know that it is making a huge difference in the lives of women who so desperately need it.

2. If you'd like to recoup some money from your items, you're more than welcome to come and sell your items on your own that day. We just ask that you donate at least 20% of the money you make to go to the non-profit we are donating to. Please bring your own change to make your own sales that day.  We will have some tables available for you to use.  Please email us at to let us know that you'd like a space to sell and for more details.

Thanks again for your interest in being a part of a event that will help better the lives of women in need!