• Leather Belt

Leather Belt

This product is simple and practical! Each belt has its own natural markings in the leather, so your belt will be unlike any other. We believe that “excellence” happens in small batches with a “handmade” label, but we believe most in the empowerment of people less fortunate than ourselves. With this belt you are helping to employ an artisan who now has an opportunity to provide for their family.

Product Details:
Full Grain Eco-Leather*
Height: 1.5 in.

*Leather Information: Most leather tanneries require the use of harmful chemicals in their process, which endangers their employees and the environment. Our leather artisans in India have met a brilliant leather tannery owner who has developed a way to tan leather hides without heavy chemical use. This natural solution to leather tanning brings out the authentic markings of the leather, which sets each product apart from another. Your leather product may have a scuff, unique marking and the colors can slightly vary, but this is the nature of Eco-leather and we appreciate the ethically high standards it upholds. They also found that this tannery does not employ child labor! It doesn’t get much better than this.